The Transformation of the Myriad Things

The Myriad Things was a short-lived blog run by me, Will Buckingham. I ran the blog for a couple of years, but other commitments got in the way, and the blog never quite took off. So I’ve decided to retire this site. There will be nothing here other than this holding-page.

I’m planning on setting up another blog project, with a slightly different slant, over the next couple of months. And changes in my working and writing life should mean that I’ll be able to give it the kind of attention that has been lacking over here. So I’ll update this page when I’ve got up and running with the new project.

In the mean-time, all blog posts here that are worth keeping have been mirrored over on my personal site. This domain may be reborn in some other form in the future.

Zhuangzi would call it the transformation of the Myriad Things (萬物之化). But what does he know? Or, for that matter, what does any of us know?